New Product Development Audit

New Product Development (NPD) benchmarking tool

“understanding how your company compares to the best”

Axiom’s NPD Audit provides a detailed analysis of your company’s strengths and weaknesses in developing new products and services.  The audit is both an evaluation and benchmarking tool using leading indicators from Wall Street, the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) and other industry databases. The audit utilizes 3 steps:

  1. Set benchmarks and conduct diagnostics
  2. Establish action plans and refine key process deliverables
  3. Define specific changes including steps, procedures, metrics, documents and tools.

Key Benefits

    • Identifies weaknesses, strengths, potential solutions to developing new products and services as well as improving innovation and creativity.
    • Requires the active involvement of key people in the company to ensure success and redefine or redesign the process.
    • Integrated with SOQ and DPC to provide detailed and broad perspectives of creating a culture of continuous improvement and developing new products and services.


    • Complete data including a corporate summary and details from individual areas and groups assessed.
    • Recommendations for improving each aspect of the NPD process and its management.
    • Simple interactive process including on-line and in-person interviews:
      1. Brief the participants
      2. Data evaluation, discussion and analysis
      3. Develop and review preliminary findings
      4. Deliver reports for detailed findings and recommendations for improvements