Building Better Leadership Skills

What do successful leaders actually do? They drive results, maximize people, communicate vision and goals, and leverage systems. Building Better Leadership Skills Training is a workshop about understanding and using your natural talent to succeed in these leadership arenas. It’s about enhancing your leadership skills and leveraging your natural personality.

This workshop discusses the two sides of leadership traits: skills and talent. The leadership skills are divided up into the four main human characteristics of People Skills, Thinking Skills, Action Skills, and Character. We will explore methods to improve one main skill in each of these areas.

Leadership talent is determined by the match between ones’ natural personality and the environment within which one must lead. The workshop will measure both your leadership personality (Controller, Promoter, Enabler, and Analyzer) and your work environment (divided into pummel, push, pull, or pamper); and determine where you will be the most effective leader and where you will fail.

Some of the topics covered during this one-day workshop include:

  • Leadership Skills: We will explore the 50 or so leadership skills identified in the latest literature. From these 50 we will spend time learning, in depth, one skill from each category of People, Action, Thinking, and Character skills. These specific skills will be teamwork, managing change, versatility, empowerment, and building trust.
  • Leadership Personalities: We will explore the four main types of leader personalities: Controller, Promoter, Enabler, Analyzer. In each category we will discuss their strengths and weaknesses and measure where you fall in each of these four leadership personalities
  • Environment: We will explore the four main environments leaders create in their organizations: Pummel, Push, Pull, and Pamper and determine where your leadership personality fits (leadership success) and where not (leadership failure)

Leadership Skill Training is useful for all individuals, managers, or senior executives interested in discovering their leadership traits – strengths and needs – and assists them in developing the skills necessary to become a high performance leader.