Creative Burst Sessions

Axiom’s Creative Burst Sessions SM offer a unique and highly productive approach to brainstorming and concept development. This always results in more and better concepts. Created for co-development, consumer, OEM, technology, internal ideation and NAMING, Creative Burst sessions combine focus groups and brainstorming into a unique Voice and Mind of the Customer process.

To ensure group anonymity, accuracy and control bias, Axiom uses electronic voting. Groups can vary in size up to 32 participants, making them a more quantitative and cost effective alternative to traditional focus groups.


Creative Burst Sessions are based on the four essential components of breakthrough ideation:

  • Shared understanding of the problem/opportunity
  • Participants include a cross section
  • Ideas as “building blocks”
  • Effective facilitation

Research shows that the most productive work begins at the halfway point to a deadline. This is true regardless of the complexity of the task, the number of people working as a team, or the type of task. Creative Burst Sessions are a proven method of using this natural human behavior pattern to stimulate increased creative output in a shorter period of time.

Key Benefits:

  • Better definition and quality of concepts
  • Increased number of concepts that merit further development
  • Instant feedback on group support of individual ideas
  • Instantly rank and prioritize features, benefits, purchase triggers and attributes
  • Axiom’s internal creative group provides additional concepts



Co-development teams are “brainstorming” teams composed of internal and external experts who help develop as well as evaluate new concepts or technologies in real time. Whether evaluating or co-developing, it is an excellent basis for interaction of expert “users” and developers.

Key Benefits:

  • Understand what the customer does “in their context”
  • Discover how a product supports its users
  • Compare with competitive offerings in use
  • Determine improvements, value of features, new features, positioning, advertising