Direction Process Culture

DPC (Direction Process Culture) Benchmarking Tool

Helps everyone involved in product development gain a better understanding of how their corporation stacks up against some of the other successful companies from a direction, process and culture perspective. DPC is a 27 question, single page survey that can be administered periodically to measure the effectiveness of change. There are nine (9) questions that make up each of the three factors of Direction, Process and Culture.

Key benefits:

  • Helps you identify areas of improvement in process, culture and communicating corporate strategy and management direction.
  • Helps secure the active involvement and buy-in of key people in your company into the change or redesign process.
  • Based on Axiom’s database of over 1,400 corporate inputs from product and service companies and functional groups including R&D, engineering, marketing, operations, finance, sales and product development.
  • Cross referenced with PDMA research data