Effective Prediction

NewProd™ 3000 – Effective Prediction

The need for winning new products means that your new product development teams must be more effective than ever. This includes excellent communication, focus on the success drivers, and understanding of the key risks and uncertainties of projects. It also means the need for better project evaluation and tough but effective portfolio management decisions.

NewProd™ 3000 is an interactive screening model based on the extensive NewProd research by Dr. Robert G. Cooper. By comparing the profile of a new product opportunity to a huge database of new product profiles—products whose outcomes are already known—NewProd™ 3000 predicts the likelihood of commercial success. Along with project diagnostics, it can assist in project evaluation by assessing projects on nine critical success factors:

NewProd™ enables project teams and other evaluators to:

  • Assess projects on critical success factors
  • Spot areas of agreement and disagreement
  • Reach consensus on vital issues
  • Identify project strengths
  • Pinpoint important risks and critical areas of deficiency
  • Assess likelihood of commercial success
  • Map out vital action steps to improve odds of success

NewProd™ 3000 is available in both multiple-industry or industry-specific versions. In addition, Axiom can tailor the model for the unique needs of your company. The result is a highly predictive screening tool that, according to independent studies, achieves an accuracy of 85%.