Interpersonal Influence

The Interpersonal Skills Training Workshop is one of the most powerful two days you can spend learning how to better understand and get along with others.

It is also offered as a one-day format. The Interpersonal Skills Training workshop is designed to help participants discover and value the interpersonal differences between people and take specific actions to improve their relationships with others.

The content is divided into three parts:

1) Self-understanding:

    • Participants will receive feedback from themselves and from others via anonymous feedback forms distributed prior to the workshop;
    • Participants will learn how they behave under stress;
    • Participants will learn how vulnerable they are to others’ influence participants will learn how appropriate or not their behaviors are to their given circumstances.

2) Skills building in the diagnosis of others’ interpersonal styles.

3) Skills building in improving you interpersonal effectiveness with others:

    • with the boss
    • with subordinates
    • with peers
    • with important others

The Interpersonal Skills Training Workshop was developed for all people interested in improving their relationships with others. Since this skill is critical for both work and social success, this Interpersonal Skills Training workshop is highly recommended for all.