Axiom Analytix AI

Axiom Analytix AI
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Mike Reiber
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ANALYTIX AI utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to enhance market research findings and provide actionable insights from B2B and B2C customers.

ANALYTIX AI applies specialized market-specific terms and phraseology; codifying the customers own words with those of their customers to ensure feedback is taken in context to provide enhanced direction.

ANALYTIX AI matches responses by analyzing word choice, phrase, and sentence structure to deepen market research insights.

ANALYTIX AI is a qualitative/quantitative on-line research methodology blending closed and open-ended inquiries for more robust and actionable research.

ANALYTIX AI dramatically increases the number and scope of questions being asked in large-sample panel studies without increasing cost.

ANALYTIX AI provides clients with deeper insights that are often overlooked using traditional methods, resulting in more actionable business outcomes.

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Market Research
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