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Key Tools and Techniques that ensure Product Development success.

Our team and partner organizations offer half or full-day hands-on training workshops.


In these workshops, PDMA professionals and Axiom team members Rob Beachy and Harvey Robbins cover the following key topics:

  • Developing Screening and Product Prioritization tools for your Business, to ensure the best ideas and projects get the proper focus and resources. Participants will receive two leading Excel based tools to help screen and prioritize products or services for development.
  • Establishing the PIC (product innovation charter), a critical strategic document at the heart of any organized effort to commercialize a new product. It contains the reasons the project has been started in an easy to understand format that includes goals, objectives, guidelines, and boundaries of the project.
  • Creating High Performance Teams is essential for “lean” and any process in any environment. The workshop demonstrates how to clarify relationships between different functional areas, and establish methods for monitoring progress and expediting development.

Recommended for anyone in product development, manufacturing, marketing, engineering and finance who is involved in teams or new products and services.

Workshop leaders:

Harvey Robbins, PHD

Harvey A. Robbins is a licensed psychologist, whose critically acclaimed books include “Why Teams Don’t Work” (winner of the Financial Times/Booz Allen & Hamilton Global Business Book Award) and the “Accidental Leader.”

Harvey’s expertise is in teamwork and leadership development and has held executive positions at Burlington Northern, Honeywell, and the CIA. He is also a Fellow at the Executive Development Center at the Carlson School of Management of the University of Minnesota and a popular speaker at both national and international conferences. Harvey, a native of New York City, received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Texas A&M. Other books by Harvey include “TURF WARS: Moving from Competition to Collaboration, “and “HOW TO SPEAK AND LISTEN EFFECTIVLY.”

Rob Beachy ME, CE, NPDP, MBM

Robert W. Beachy, NPDP, MBM, ME – Rob is the CTO and a co-founder Axiom Marketing Communications. Rob is a PDMA certified New Product Development Professional and consultant whose resume includes over 25 years in New Product Development, Product Management, Marketing and Brand Management, Organic Chemistry, Operations, Engineering and R&D efforts at General Electric, Gould(GNB), and The Toro Company.

Rob has consulted for over 20 years with organizations worldwide in the area of New Product Development implementation processes and has over a dozen active patents bringing in over $2 billion in revenue. Rob has been a guest faculty at the University of Minnesota, teaching New Product Development, New Product Development, Product Management, Market Research and managing Innovation. He is also an adjunct professor at the University of Virginia. Rob is also a board member of SCPD (Society of Concurrent Product Development), and advisory council to Robotics Alley.

Harvey and Rob have been teaching and coaching companies in New Product Development and PLM for over 15 years.


For more information on future sessions and topics, or to schedule a private session for your organization, contact Rob Beachy at Investment per person is based on the number of topics and attendees.