4-Dimensional Product Development

4-Dimensional Product Development (The Four D’s)

“A proven, integrated, phased process for creating successful new products & services from Direction to Discovery, Development and Deployment and it all begins with strategy”

The Four D’s is a proven process often used or duplicated by a number of companies and taught in various schools and developed by Axiom.

The four dimensions focus on providing:

  • Clear and consistent development strategy.
  • A formalized process for development that involves a cross-functional team.
  • A functional cross function team schooled in best practices and behavior style teaming techniques.
  • A clear and shared understanding of market needs with cross-functional teams from concept ideation, market research and development through deployment.
  • A screening and prioritization process balanced with strategic fit as important as financials.
  • A process that is flexible to allow entry at any “stage” in the process where a project meets that defined metrics of that stage.
  • A process with clear goals and objective, metrics, and hurtles that are consistent.

Key Benefits

  • A strategically driven New Product Development process.
  • Higher success rates.
  • Faster process.
  • High value projects in both strategic and financial value.