Hybrid Qualitative & Quantitative

Delivers more responses, insights and instant quantitative data at a lower cost than traditional focus groups.

  • Provides qualitative and quantitative input in real-time as clients watch and listen to the Voices of Customer.
  • Wireless response meters instantly collect, tabulate and display participant reactions to various stimuli.
  • Each session is comprised of a customized quantitative assessment followed by a qualitative discussion.
  • Combines the depth of focus groups and the breadth of quantitative methods for more efficient insight gathering.
  • Increased amounts of customer data at a lower cost per participant.
  • Easily adapted to Co-development or Brainstorming formats to meet client needs.
  • Applications:
    • Brand Messaging 
    • Positioning
    • New Product and service concept testing
    • Concept development and refinement
    • Advertising effectiveness
  • Deliverables:
    • Survey responses and insights 
    • Supporting charts and graphs