Leave No Room to Assume – Marketing by the Numbers


Leave No Room to Assume – Marketing by the Numbers

At Axiom, one of the keys to our client’s success is making decisions based on the data and not on assumptions. We all have assumptions. They are based on each of our own unique experiences.

Your customers have their own unique experiences too. So, your assumption (or ours) should only be the starting point for further research and not direct your marketing strategy.

No Room to Assume

We routinely test ideas with research at Axiom to validate or contradict our assumptions. In the past six months we’ve conducted two industry research projects. The 2021 Garden Survey and the 2021 Homefront Insights Survey.

For the Garden Survey, we were concerned that the 2020 growth in gardening was driven by COVID-19 lockdowns. We wanted to test our assumption that 2021 will continue to be a strong year for gardening.

For the Homefront Survey, data shows that interest in home improvement increased in 2020 due to COVID-19. Now, we wanted to know if and when people would continue to invest in their homes even with vaccines available and social and travel activities resuming.

Let the Data Speak

The Garden Survey supported our assumptions while the Homefront Survey challenged some team member’s projections. This information has helped our clients better position their inventory and marketing plans to take advantage of what will be a busy year for both sectors. In both cases, it was important that we let the data speak. Too often, marketers use data only to validate assumptions, which can skew analysis. Had we gone with our assumptions and not what the numbers tell us, our building products clients may have missed out on additional growth opportunities.

What assumptions do you have about your customers or business opportunities? We can quickly and cost-effectively help you validate those opinions or, perhaps, enlighten your thinking so you can maximize expensive marketing campaigns to generate increased sales.

Let me know if you have any questions about generating proprietary research for your business, cdick@axiomcom.com.

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