Win-Win Research – Axiom 2021 Gardening Survey

Win-Win Research – Axiom 2021 Gardening Survey

How can customer research help your business? It’s a win-win and here’s proof.

Our latest Axiom-sponsored research study, the Axiom 2021 Gardening Insights Survey, provides a glimpse into what home gardeners think, how they gather information and what plants interest them the most. But before we get to what gardeners had to say, let’s look at how just about any type of business can leverage similar research to better understand their customers AND use it to create compelling messaging and content across the organization.

The Win-Win: Insights and Content

Our gardening clients and industry leaders are telling us this is the concrete information they need, saying they felt the gardening sector would continue to see increases through 2021, but seeing the response data from actual gardeners confirms their hunch. They’re sharing the research with their sales teams and retail partners.

No doubt, information derived from research helps businesses find insightful opportunities with customers and prospects. But it’s so much more. Compelling and convincing research provides leverageable content opportunities to use in marketing, social media, info-graphics, sales meetings, even recruitment, and much more. We’ve found similar successful results conducting research among clients in the manufacturing, agriculture, construction and energy industries as well.

What We Learned – Back to Gardening

Last spring and summer saw homeowners gardening in record numbers. We wanted to know if 2021 would look the same. Would homeowners be digging in the dirt with the same enthusiasm? What types of gardening are they interested in? Did they feel successful in their efforts? Our new survey report, the Axiom 2021 Gardening Insights Survey, provides key insights for the horticulture industry. We surveyed more than 1,200 homeowners. Here’s what we found:

  • 86 percent of homeowners plan to continue gardening in 2021
  • Nearly 40 percent of those surveyed say they will plant about the same as last year
  • 47 percent say they will be planting more and expanding their garden spaces next season

Many homeowners surveyed said they were gardening in 2020 because it gave them something to do while stuck at home during the pandemic, provided a source of exercise and helped to cope with stress. But, overwhelmingly, most were gardening to add beauty in their lives. More than half of those surveyed told us they just wanted a beautiful outdoor space. With many of us spending more time at home, and more time outside, the garden is becoming the new gathering space. In addition to providing a positive, mood lifting activity, gardening is an extension of home décor.

A final note about this year’s survey, which was released Nov. 17, 2020. Survey results were sent to trade media, customers and prospects via email. To say interest has been strong is close to an understatement. It has appeared on a host of trade magazine websites, has been shared in email blasts along with the branded infographic shown on this page, the Axiom website has seen significant increases in visitor traffic as a result, and downloads continue at an impressive rate.

Wouldn’t you like to know what your business or industry looks like from the customer’s point of view?

Visit the Axiom 2021 Gardening Survey to download the full report.

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