The 2021 Outdoor Outlook

2021 Outdoor Outlook - Axiom Marketing

The 2021 Outdoor Outlook

This Year’s Home Improvement Predictions

Ah…spring, and soon summer. What do homeowners have in store this season? Time for sprucing up the yard and getting to those home improvements outside the house. We take a look at the 2021 outdoor outlook and what’s on the minds of homeowners this season.

Earlier this year, the Axiom team conducted a study about 2021 DIY and Home Improvement plans among homeowners. We wanted to know if the surge that occurred in 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, would continue this year. Now, we want to know what outdoor projects were among those mentioned by homeowners.

For building products manufacturers and contractors, in particular, the results show good news. In 2021, more than 31 percent of homeowners will hire a professional to get a project done, while 25 percent of homeowners say they will take on a DIY project and hire a professional for some help. So, what outdoor projects do homeowners have in mind?

2021 Outdoor Outlook - Axiom Blog

Exterior Upgrades

With warmer weather in much of the country, 44 percent of homeowners are planning exterior projects this season. According to Remodeling magazine, those projects include new garage and entry doors, fiber cement siding, adding stone accents and replacing windows.

Landscaping and Gardening

Last year, gardening and landscaping projects grew in popularity as people settled in to educating and working from home. Enjoying the outdoors continues in 2021 as more than 35 percent of homeowners have plans for landscaping improvements and gardening.

Deck or Patio Addition or Remodel

Just in time for summer, 25 percent of homeowners have plans to add or remodel a deck or patio this year. The center of most outdoor activities at home, deck’s and patios are fundamental for many homeowners. The surge in outdoor living, kitchens and entertainment spaces in recent years shows no sign of waining,

Garage Improvements

Nearly 20 percent of homeowners will do projects in their garages this year. As people spend more time at home, efficient and more accessible storage is a must for many. Los Angeles Contractor Jon Stewart says shelving systems and storing recreational equipment so it’s easily accessible is high on the list for homeowners.

The complete research findings are available for download HERE.

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