Innovating at the Speed of Teams

Innovating at the Speed of Teams

Last week’s webinar with Simulation Powered Learning (SPL) focused on the only way to decrease time to market; that is improving the speed of teams.

Regardless of what software or other tools you can buy, all processes work at the speed of the team no matter what technology, project management system or team experience is involved.

The focus of the webinar was helping team members understand and address these key issues to shorten time to market.

High-performance teams address and solve each of these key areas to ensure speed to market:

  • Goals and Objectives – Creating short-term, continuous high-priority goals and objectives, then dividing projects into short, mid and long term goals, much like AGILE with short-term being less than 30 days, sometimes as short as one.
  • Roles and Responsibilities – The focus is on the clear differentiation of roles to ensure no turf wars, thereby eliminating issues that may affect team cohesiveness and performance.
  • Barrier Identification – Helping people understand the barriers to people, processes and structures, and developing effective contingency plans around the barriers.
  • Interpersonal relationships – Teaching how high-performance teams understand and remain flexible to adjust to behavior styles and personalities, and utilizing that understanding to better communicate and work as a team.

High-performance teams require a high level of training, expertise, and cohesiveness, often (but not always) requiring teams to work together for years as a team.

High-performance teams provide faster and better results in significantly less time. The key is finding the right team members, with the needed skills and the desire to stay with the team for an extended period of time.

It is possible to have high-performance teams, which have new participants on a regular basis as long as they have the skills, ability and will to learn and contribute.

Regardless of time together, applying these best practices will help ensure better and faster results for all teams.

For more information, contact me, Rob Beachy, CTO at Axiom


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