It’s 2021 – Find Your Creative Energy in the Year Ahead

Find Your Creative Energy in 2021

It’s 2021 – Find Your Creative Energy in the Year Ahead

Find your creative energy in 2021. Using some effective and fun ideas for inspiration this year, there’s a great big, bold world of creativity waiting. These pandemic-friendly methods may help you and your team renew your energy for new ideas, and put your 2021 business goals well within reach.

Not Just a Laundry List of Ideas

Creativity is a process and everyone’s methods are different. Our approach is not a laundry list of ideas, but a highly personalized way of cleaning house, so to speak, to make way for truly imaginative ideas.

For most of us, creativity happens in two stages: Fulfillment and Expression. By first “breathing in” stimulating and creative imagery from outside sources, you’re able to move beyond many limitations and find new pathways of thinking. Second, “exhale”. Use your new-found infusion of inspiration as a platform for expressing and launching unique and original ideas. In short, fill your mind first, then create.

Fulfillment Opportunities

Change the Scenery – Find a new place to spend time, even if it’s just moving your desk to the dining room table. Go outside, walk in the woods, take a different route to the store. New surroundings bring new points of view.

Put Your Phone Down – Become an observer. Close the laptop and put down the phone. Watch the world, your people, the changing seasons and the stars at night. Enjoy the beauty that’s around you and let your mind wonder and wander.

Immerse Yourself in Inspiration – Among some of the great things still available to do during these pandemic times is enjoying the world of art. Go wander through galleries, museums, sculpture gardens, rose gardens, science museums or a special exhibit you find interesting. Think about the artists behind the works – yes, scientists are artists too. Enjoy what you’re doing at your own pace, in your own space and in your own timeframe.

Search Inside – A Journey of Discovery – In her book The Artists Way, author Julia Cameron takes readers on a 12-week journey to “recover and discover your creative self.” For many of us, a guide like this may help establish a methodology for finding and redefining our most creative selves. As a team-building tool for businesses, imagine how virtual individualizes journeys by each of your colleagues could come together during brainstorming! The concept has great potential even while working remotely.

Peal Back the Layers of Your Creativity

Write Something Creative – Write. Just write. If you’re staring at a blank page, pick up a pen and write whatever words in any order that come into your head. Trust me, they will eventually turn into sentences and then thoughts. Write a poem, a headline, a letter or email. I know a woman who writes a poem every day and has since the pandemic began.

Embrace the First Time – Experience something you have never done. Feel the newness of it and move past any hesitation, fear and doubt it may trigger. Embrace your first time seeing, feeling, tasting, hearing and touching.

Find a Community that Inspires You – Some of the best inspiration comes through encounters with kindred spirits. Seek out a community that shares your enthusiasm for something you love. It could be a book club, Facebook group, fan group, a shared hobby, etc. Share your talents with them and let them inspire you through mutual interests.

Collaborate with a Child – There is no unincumbered creative spirit freer than that of a child. If possible, collaborate with a child. Create something together and allow yourself to be led by the free-thinking nature of a young mind.

Play – Remember clay? Sand? Legos? Lincoln Logs? Playing with toys may not be your thing and that’s okay. Think about this, however. Imagining through play by creating something, anything using the tools and toys of children helps many people find simplicity and peace. In the process, you may find yourself letting go of norms and allowing new levels of inspiration.

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