COVID-19 Innovation and Speed-to-Market

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COVID-19 Innovation and Speed-to-Market

As our nation grieves the more than 500,000 Americans lost to COVID-19, many of us are anxiously awaiting vaccinations. The award-winning PBS series American Experience has an interesting profile of the polio epidemic and the herculean effort, at the time, to develop a vaccine. The episode, entitled “The Polio Crusade”, contains many first-person accounts of individuals stricken with polio and the effect on them and their loved ones. As we process the last year, I can’t help but think about the innovation and speed-to-market heroism we’ve witnessed as a result of the urgency the COVID-19 pandemic has made so clear, and how, in its day, the polio vaccine had the same break-through scientific innovations.

“Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and the courage to make dreams into reality.”

– Jonas Salk

I watched the show with great interest as it chronicled the search, the process and the timeline to develop a polio vaccine. My father was stricken with polio when he was a young man and has many stories to share. In our conversations since the pandemic started, my dad always notes with optimism the speed with which the COVID-19 vaccines have been developed and how quickly they’re being deployed compared to the polio vaccine.

It is truly a marvel in innovation, science and logistics.

If you’re interested in streaming “The Polio Crusade,” a link can be found HERE.

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