Axiom Coaches “FIRST STEAMWORKS” Robotics Team

Axiom Coaches “FIRST STEAMWORKS” Robotics Team

This year’s First Robotics Competition is entitled FIRST STEAMWORKS; it’s an ultimate Sport for the Mind and an appropriate title because the event showcases how science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) are showcased in an international competition.

What people might not know is our commitment at Axiom to mentoring and sponsoring the engineers, scientists and technologists of the future. Member of the robotics team have been coached by our staff at Axiom for over 20 years, many whom are successful professionals, managers and even presidents at a variety of well-known companies.

The skills they learn are all STEM and STEAM based, with many of our team members skilled in music and the arts as well.

The student’s programming and electronics are more than ready to move on to sophisticated industrial projects without missing a beat. Our team has developed skills that made our robot operate autonomously with precision and reliability rivaling industrial robotics and as a top scorer at last year’s competition.

We support FIRST because it is a great venue for technology and innovation for student and mentor alike. Every one of these “roboteers” is going to college, most with scholarships and, after a few years, many will be welcoming us on LinkedIn, providing that extra sense of accomplishment for our commitment to their futures.

The theme this year is perfect, Steamworks, because STEAM WORKS and is critical to our future.

If you have any questions about FIRST, go to and get involved in a local team or feel free to contact




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