Why You Need Voice-of-Customer Research

Why You Need Voice-of-Customer Research

Your competition is no longer the business down the road. The web has your customers comparing you to nearly every best-in-class, customer-focused company. Yes, your customers are comparing you to the experience they get from Apple and Amazon.

To know how to better serve your customers and give them the experience they’ll happily pay more for, you need to understand what customers really think about your company and your products.

Voice-of-customer research is a programmatic approach to collecting and analyzing your customer’s likes, dislikes, wants, needs and expectations. This gives you a huge competitive advantage in what customers really want from your business and products. Conducting customer surveys isn’t enough.

Voice-of-customer research provides quantitative and qualitative customer feedback that gives business leaders actionable insights. It allows your company to be truly customer-focused.

Having a Voice-of-Customer program will help you:

  1. Make better decisions
    Data gives you insights to make strategic decisions
  2. Create better products and services
    Develop products and services that customer actually want to buy
  3. Manage your reputation
    Monitor what customers really think of your brand and products
  4. Deliver better customer experiences
    Drive change in the organization that makes it easier for the customer to buy
  5. Grow revenue
    According to Gartner Research, collecting feedback can increase up-selling and cross-selling success rates by 15 to 20 percent

A voice-of-customer program gives you deep understanding into the minds of your customers, their needs, buying habits and experiences with your products and your company. It helps create the kind of brand loyalty that can lead to customers happily paying a premium for doing business with you.

Contact us for an analysis of your customer feedback program and how you can turn it into a voice-of-customer program to drive more actionable insights into your business.

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