Voice of the customer insight using artificial intelligence

Voice of the customer insight using artificial intelligence.

Voice of the customer insight using artificial intelligence

Many market research companies shy away from open-ended questions in quantitative surveys as the data collected can be too broad to categorize and utilize. Open-ended questions, however, when used with structured questions, pictures or video allows customers to be able “yes but,” “maybe but,” or “no and here’s why. Best yet, it can provide insights into what it takes for them to consider or make a purchase.

Axiom has integrated artificial intelligence into market research since 2012. This allows us to provide insights from open-ended questions which can be analyzed at the same speed as multiple choice. This means we can collect customer insights faster and more cost-effectively than other methods.

The keys to the successful integration of AI into market research are:

1. Well defined demographics
2. Point of reference questions
3. Custom thesaurus for specific groups (medical, legal, agriculture, gardening, pharmaceuticals, etc.)

Our team has spent hundreds of hours refining multiple thesauri for a variety of groups. This results in greater insights by identifying millennial, Gen Z, and Boomer purchase habits, product, and service preferences.

Whether you’re talking with farmers, lawyers, doctors, laborers, architects, purchasing agents, or consumers, Axiom ANALYTIX AI can help you to better understand and strategize for effective results with the real voice of the customer.

If you have any questions about AI Market Research feel free to contact rbeachy@axiomcom.com.

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