The Fiver: Tips for Successful Videos

The Fiver: Tips for Successful Videos

The trade show void is real and marketers know what they’re missing. Producing video is the value-add in strategic marketing that fills the gap and puts messaging in the driver’s seat with your target customers as the passengers.

According to HubSpot, over 500 million people on Facebook watch videos every day, 1 billion on YouTube. The number rises to 10 billion videos watched every day on Snapchat. With some planning and a modest budget video can engage customers and deliver messaging when and where you need it.

The road to a successful video does not have to be bumpy. With some strategic planning and a few tips, professional looking video marketing is within reach

(1) Make a plan and work it

A well-thought-out plan makes producing video more manageable. Focus on the audience and the messaging. Who are they? What do they need to know, and how should viewers react once the video concludes? What is the call-to-action that directs customers and prospects on the next steps when the video concludes? How much is budgeted, and what will success look like? All of these are crucial for having success with your video production

(2) Write a script

Writing a script may seem easy, but in reality, it can be hard to make sure messaging is clear, it flows well when spoken and stays to manageable, budget-friendly length. At Axiom, investing time up front on script writing and thinking through the visuals is time well spent. Changes during shooting can increase costs dramatically. Having a script save time while shooting and in the editing stage.

(3) Shoot what you planned and then some

Good news. With some tips about shooting, the cell phone cameras most people use every day can work as well as an expensive professional video camera. Cell phone cameras are great for on-the-fly videos or snippets you want to post to social. However, if you want to produce high-quality, evergreen videos for Youtube, it’s best to work with a team using top quality equipment.

(4) Leverage influencers

Nobody wants to watch a talking head. That’s why marketers all over the country are turning to influencers for video content. Influencers already have a trusted, loyal following. Incorporating influencers in your video content helps boost views and reach new potential customers. To learn more about influencer marketing, check out this article: An In-depth Look at Marketing’s Next Big Thing.

(5) Promote, Promote, Promote

Go beyond the simple social media share. Make the most of the time and resources invested in shooting and editing video by promoting it in as many ways and places as possible. Posting a video without actively promoting is a waste of resources and opportunity. Some examples are including the video link in email signatures, posting multiple trailer clips to the link on social media platforms, and having team members promote the video on their channels.

In the absence of trade shows video can be a beneficial and strategic medium to showcase your products, team members and influencers. It’s a great way to help customers and prospects better understand your company and its products.

Want to learn more about using video? Give us a call. With the popularity of videos continuing to increase, video marketing can’t be ignored.

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