Talking Your Clients Out of Insights?

Talking Your Clients Out of Insights?

“I need to do some focus groups” – a common request I received from my marketing peers when I worked on the client side. As an insights VP for Fortune 100 companies, I actually trained my teams to talk our internal clients out of research during that initial conversation. That’s right – I worked hard to talk my colleagues out of spending money with my department.

Why? Well, I have found it’s easy to think you need to do research with your customers or prospects. But, it’s a lot more difficult to know why you should spend precious marketing dollars to gather insights. And, even more difficult to really know how you will use insights to grow your business.

The planning phase of marketing insights & research is essential. If you don’t make the investment in time to define why you need research and how the business will leverage the insights, your entire investment will fail.

At Axiom, we have deep expertise in helping our clients strategically plan for successful insights engagements. An important part of our process is to ensure your team has clearly defined the why and how. So, don’t be surprised when I try to talk you out of doing research…

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