Should You Outsource Content? Yes!

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Should You Outsource Content? Yes!

Chances you’re working with influencers, writers and editors to tout your latest product or service. You likely have a strategy for affiliate marketing and goals to harness and leverage user-generated content. Should you outsource content? Yes! In fact, you probably already are. In a pinch, you’re working with freelancers or agency partners to cover content needs. Now is the time to set a strategy and off-load some or all of the work to a worthy partner.

Third-party generated content is not a new tool for marketing professionals. According to a recent Forbes article, outsourcing content qualifies as a 2021 trend with 84 percent of B2B and 55 percent of B2C marketers going outside the company for writing projects.

Does it make sense for you to outsource? There are no easy answers to this question, but there are several situations that make outsourcing the best option.

The Big Three – Time, Speed and Expertise

Hiring outside writers makes sense if you’re on a time crunch or your in-house staff is too busy to take on the task. Freelancers and vendor partners are accustomed to tight deadlines and can come through for you when time is tight. Outside talent can also bring a different or additional expertise to the project, and a fresh perspective.

The Right Writer for Your Job

Even stellar in-house content teams have their limitations. They may be first-rate social or web content creators, but when an opportunity comes along to write a video script, trade journal article or CEO speech, their skills might be put to the test. This is a great time to tap into outside sources for help. At Axiom, our journalists and professional copywriters create content that shares your brand story in a way that works, not only for you as a marketer, but for the person requesting your content. We tap into our industry knowledge and match that with a journalist’s perspective, incorporating AP Style, video editing cues and timing needs. Because of our experience, we can often turn the project faster, and with less editing time than internal sources. Check out this recent example for our client, Danziger, titled Passion for Improving Supply.

Change Your Point of View

One of the best reasons to outsource content is that it can bring in new ideas. Engaging  partners for content creation increases your brainpower and can help remove what we call “marketing blinders” – those times when your business nomenclature doesn’t match common language. 

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