Marketing That Isn’t Afraid of the Numbers

Marketing the Isn't Afraid of the Numbers

Marketing That Isn’t Afraid of the Numbers

Most marketing and communications agencies are tremendous at crafting words to create messaging for their clients. Axiom, if I don’t mind saying, is one of those companies. One thing that you don’t see at most marketing firms, however, is a willingness and excitement around using math and science to direct actionable marketing strategies. The Axiom team isn’t afraid of the numbers.

Data is the critical information for defining audiences, recommending a variety of tactics and, of course, creating great messaging that’s just right for the target audience. That’s one of the unique ways Axiom is different from most marketing firms – we approach numbers with no fear. On the contrary, we use it as the foundation of our decision making. Not only do we have a collection of great journalists and PR minds, we also have scientists and engineers on our team. We don’t shy away or dismiss data, numbers and graphs. In fact, numbers speak to us and we love it.

In the age of big data, knowing how to read, interpret and explain this information is more important than ever. To give you an example, Axiom conducted a market research report for a major utility to determine the embedded energy in the water cycle. Since most of the data is public, finding the information was pretty easy. The difficult part? Taking hundreds of thousands, if not millions of data points spanning nearly a decade, organizing and analyzing the data in meaningful ways and using tools such as Tableau to create an easy to read interactive graph capable of forecasting water and energy usage.

Our client could then use the information to guide decisions and programs utilizing certain high-efficient technologies that have the greatest potential for success among their target customer group. How cool is that?

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