Market Research: The Competitive Edge in Agriculture

Market Research: The Competitive Edge in Agriculture

The agriculture industry is evolving at an accelerating pace. Innovations in equipment, improved animal health products, pre- and post-harvest technologies and more are driving advances throughout the industry. Staying ahead of your competition means understanding your customer’s needs, wants and goals better than anyone else. Welcome to the latest in marketing research; your competitive edge in agriculture.

I have been part of many new ag product launches. What separates successful products from those that fail is understanding and addressing a grower’s wants and needs. A product might be technically superior and provide more value than competitors, but it can – and will – fail without clear, resonant communication of why it’s needed and necessary.

Market research is an easy and efficient way to understand the customer’s view of your products and services. Through market research you’ll know how to best communicate with current and potential customers to grow your business.

Successful agriculture marketers are now relying less on “gut feeling” and more on data and research. Companies must understand the critical messaging needed to improve sales. Through Voice of Customer research, you can find out the needs and wants of your customer and create messaging that resonates with them.

Predicting future trends isn’t merely guessing. Especially with agriculture, where it can take 3+ years for new products to gain acceptance. You need research. Primary or secondary research can identify the dangers ahead and help your organization successfully develop winning messaging. 

With well-researched messaging, your company will reach your business goals faster while minimizing risk. Market-research developed messaging helped our client become number #1 in animal hydration.

In the competitive world of agriculture, market research can give you the edge you need to succeed.

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