How to Brainstorm Your Best Ideas

How to brainstorm your best ideas - Axiom Blog

How to Brainstorm Your Best Ideas

Imagine a team brainstorming session. At what point in the meeting do you think you’ll come up with your best, most inventive idea? Most people assume a lightbulb moment will arrive right away, when you’re feeling freshest. But according to new research, we’ve got it wrong. Here’s a look at how to brainstorm your best ideas.

In a recent blog post from Kellogg Insights, the ins and outs of brainstorming research is explored by  Loran Nordgren, a professor of management and organizations at the Kellogg School, and Kellogg PhD alumnus Brian Lucas, now of Cornell University, They call the phenomena the Creative Cliff Illusion – a widespread, persistent, and mistaken belief that creativity drops off with time. 

Not so, they say. For a dive into how you can be sure your best decisions are fully explored, check out their post here: Keep Brainstorming—Your Best Ideas Are Still to Come.

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