Getting the Most Out of Trade Shows

Getting the most out of tradeshows

Getting the Most Out of Trade Shows

This week our team is attending The Tropical Plant International Expo (TPIE). We are excited to be attending shows and conferences again. Because it’s always good to revisit the basics and since it’s been a year or two, here are a few things you and your team can do to get the most out of your tradeshows this year.

There are 3 main areas you should focus on; preshow, at the show, and follow-up.

Pre-Marketing: In the show guide, make sure the description of your company and products match the message that appears on your website and on your tradeshow booth. Send customers and prospects a mailer and/or email telling them why they need to come by your booth and what is in it for them if they do. Doing this doubles – or even quadruples – your exposure to the attendees, before the tradeshow even starts. Bonus Tip- Reach out to media contacts who may be at the show too.

At The Show: Your staff should be prepared to actively engage with booth visitors and know what they are supposed to do when they talk to them. With attendees, take the time to nurture the relationship, engage with them solely to build connection.
To do this:

  • Be genuine
  • Pay attention
  • Ask questions
  • Provide help
  • Be happy
  • Ask follow-up questions

Once you’ve made a connection, a visitor will happily give you their name and contact info so you can follow up after the show. Lastly, hand out product samples or promo items so people can take something home with them that will remind them of your brand. Bonus Tip: Make sure your promo items represent your brand and aren’t just chotchkies with your logo on it.

Follow Up: The best way to get the most out of attending a tradeshow is to follow up with all of the leads you generated while there. This means sending out emails, making phone calls, and setting up meetings as soon as possible. You don’t want to let any opportunity slip away! A week after the show is too long. Follow up within a few days. Bonus Tip: Personal follow-up emails will have a better response than a bulk email (you can and should do that too).

There is so much more that goes into a successful tradeshow than showing up, that is the easy part. Got a tradeshow coming up you need to nail? Give us a call we’d love to help.

Oh and don’t forget your business cards! There is no excuse if forget those!

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