At Axiom, Every day is Earth Day

Earth Day

At Axiom, Every day is Earth Day

April 22 is Earth Day and we don’t just celebrate it today. Every day we are thinking about how to make a positive difference in the environment.

Here are just a few things we’ve done in just this past year to improve sustainability and the climate:

  • Commercialized new industrial dryer technology that saves 30% on energy usage while drying faster.
  • Testing and commercializing new fertilizer technology that reduces energy usage to make it by 15%.
  • Conversion of by-products into high-value fertilizers, reducing the need to mine phosphates.
  • Development of amino acid-based fertilizers that improve the nutritional content of crops and reduce plant water needs by up to 30%.
  • Working on bringing plant-based fertilizers to market that improve soil carbon balance.
  • Promotion of green chelates that can reduce carbon emissions up to 90% while increasing plant growth and reducing the build-up of toxic chemicals in the soil compared to traditional chelates.
  • Improving recycling of CO2 from CEA greenhouse chillers to improve plant growth, save water and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Helping construction equipment manufacturers convert their customers to battery-operated equipment.
  • Conduct research on Carbon Credits to better understand how to improve.

Are you working on commercializing new technology that has an environmental impact? If so we should talk.

At Axiom, we live our tagline and truly are a Positively Different kind of marketing group.

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