2022 TPIE Round-Up

2022 TPIE Bethel Farms

2022 TPIE Round-Up

Last week, Axiom attended the 2022 Tropical Plant Industry Expo (TPIE) in Tampa.  If you’re not familiar with the show, it spotlights new trends, plant genetics and production supplies for the $1.7 billion tropical plant industry. 

Below are some observations from the show.

Chemical Free – As documented in numerous research studies, Millennials and Gen Z consumers want the products they buy to be safer, contain natural/organic ingredients and be more sustainable. This is slowly but surely trickling down to the nursery/grower level.  There were a handful of natural/organic crop protection and crop nutrition input suppliers at the show.  A couple of innovative exhibitors of note included:

Contact Organics which offers a new bio herbicide made from acetic acid that has high efficacy and offers an alternative to glyphosate without all the health risks.

New Generation Ag which offers a new natural fertilizer called AminOrganix 9-3-7 that improves overall soil health for faster plant growth and decreased chemical inputs. 

Intellectual Property – The industry can clearly profit from improved IP. One of the clear success stories at the show is Bethel Organics’ Gotta Go Grass.  Gotta Go Grass is a great resource for condo or apartment dwellers with canine family members.  It’s a natural grass relief tool that features farm fresh grass panels in interlocking trays.  The grass and the soil provide natural absorption and odor control.  For me, the bigger story was how the team at Bethel Organics identified and patented a special bermuda grass variety that is now Gotta Go Grass.  Even better, golf courses all over the Southeast are using the grass for their fairways and the company is selling millions of feet of sod each year at a premium. 

Automation – Everyone I talked to at TPIE was concerned about staffing shortages and how to use automation resolve this issue while reducing overhead costs. Monrovia Nurseries is a clear standout when it comes to automating nursery functions because it designs, engineers and sometimes patents equipment for its specialized needs.   Curiously, there were virtually no automation companies exhibiting at 2022 TPIE.    

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