More than a Marketing Firm

Axiom Marketing - More than a Marketing Firm

More than a Marketing Firm

In the nearly years’ time I’ve been with Axiom, one thing stands out; we’re more than a marketing firm because that’s what clients need.

The majority of my career has been spent on the industry side. I’ve been with four companies that tried developing new categories and bringing products to market. Only one company was successful.

Two companies are now out of business and the third is still trying to find the right market fit for their product. All had professional sales staff. All advertised. The products were great. They all won industry awards. Yet product purchases never materialized to a volume necessary for sustaining the business.

Now I’m on the agency side. What’s the number one question business leaders asked me?

What Does Axiom Do?

When I started, I asked myself, what are we doing that sets us apart? Yes, we do market research, media planning, audience segmentation, public relations, marketing communications, event planning, webinars, website development, email marketing, social media strategic planning, content development, and so on. The things you would associate with and expect of a marketing company.

So, What is it that Makes Axiom Different?

It’s the things Axiom does that other firms don’t that make all the difference. At Axiom, it’s senior-level thinking, leading with deep analytics, and using that insight to apply creative solutions to reach customers.

A selling point for my decision to join the firm included the level of experience and diverse skill sets among the staff. That expertise alone makes Axiom different, but it’s how we use the depth of experience that is the difference for clients.

We’re a team who has sat in the same chair, made the same decisions and had similar responsibilities to those challenging our clients. We don’t relegate to junior staff because we don’t have that. Our clients have senior level Axiom experience focused on serving their needs. I’ve seen firsthand how we’re able to leverage experience and deep skill sets to accelerate client success.

Here are some of the projects for which we’ve recently consulted:

  • Understanding purchasing motivators in building materials and horticulture products and identifying go-to-market strategies to incorporate the findings into marketing planning
  • Developing rebate and incentive programs for emerging technologies based on research findings identifying barriers and ways to overcome them
  • Sourcing contract manufacturing for novel crop protection products
  • Benchmarking strengths and weaknesses within a large corporate culture and what they indicate for the future
  • Modeling energy use data and identifying emerging technologies for energy efficiencies
  • Analyzing data to improve sales forecasting
  • Examining the energy/water nexus for opportunities leading to win-win resource and power savings

How are we able to take on such varied projects? We don’t just have journalists and marketing professionals on staff to help tell brand and product stories. Axiom has engineers and data scientists making sense of big data sets and translating the numbers into actionable marketing opportunities. We call it Market Insights – the precursor to strategic marketing and communications planning and content development.

Market Insights – More Than a Marketing Firm

Axiom Market Insights combines executive-level experience and best-in-class data collection, augmented by proprietary machine learning tools. Our expertise can be used to provide the answers and actions needed to accelerate your business growth.

This process combined has increased the revenue of our clients in excess of a half-billion dollars.

When I look back on my industry experience, there is one main difference separating the successful company from the three that were not. One held a deep understanding of their customer’s problem, wants and needs, then identified the solutions and motivations leading to purchase. It wasn’t the product making the sale, it was the benefits and advantages it gave customers. Axiom has helped me figure that out and tell the story.

So, what does Axiom do? Axiom helps identify and solve your toughest sales and marketing challenges.

What challenges can we help you solve? Contact me, Craig Dick,

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