Linking Your Brand to Hot Topics

Trending Topics

Linking Your Brand to Hot Topics

When is the last time you asked WHAT ELSE your customers are interested in besides your products?

Commenting on world events or trending topics is likely already part of your social media strategy. When the events are relevant to your brand, it’s an easy connection. But, when a hot topic isn’t naturally tied to your brand, that is when creativity can take over.

This is especially true when you know your customer. When is the last time you asked what else besides your brand/product/service your target customer is interested in? If it has been a while, we can help.

Knowing the many facets of your customer opens up new ways to talk with them. Need an example? One recent trending topic – Taylor Swift’s release of her re-recorded “Red” album – saw many corporate Twitter accounts linking both directly and indirectly to the release day conversation.

If you missed all the fun, this article in AdAge shared some of the creative ways brands connected to Swift’s message and fans. 

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