Honing Your Storytelling Skills

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Honing Your Storytelling Skills

Research shows that information delivered by tapping into our storytelling skills is more easily understood and retained. In an industry where we want our listeners and readers to remember key messages and understand, perhaps act on, their meaning, honing your storytelling skills is an effective and engaging way to make connections with an audience – be it customers, clients, students or our own families.

Even if you’re not a natural storyteller, it is a skill you can craft and perfect with some training. Much of storytelling, after all, is about the delivery. Who among us has not delivered the punch line of a joke? Or, read a book aloud to children with all the inflection and voices a story deserves?

This article, Storytelling: the Next-Generation Family-Business Educational Tool, which appeared in Northwestern University’s Kellogg Executive Education eNews, focuses on helping C-suite managers develop those skills. We believe these communications skills can benefit marketers, no matter the level. It is especially pertinent for family-owned businesses addressing generational transition; something many of us may be or have been a part of.

Rather than retelling their well-told tale, we’re honoring their efforts with a quick link. Enjoy.

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