Getting More Traction from Your Webinars

Getting More Traction from Your Webinars

Getting More Traction from Your Webinars

So, you’ve created an interesting, info-packed, inspirational webinar. You’ve practiced your presentation, added just the right images, adjusted your lighting, and invited all of your customers to tune in. Now what?

There is no denying webinars are a great way to bring personalized and engaging content directly to your target audience. There are plenty of blog posts out there with tips for helping you get all the technical details right. But, after putting in the time to create a compelling, purchase-inducing presentation, chances are your topic has some shelf life. Make sure your momentum doesn’t stop when you hit the end button at the close of the webinar. Here are a few tips to keep the show – and trust me, webinars are like producing a television show – going.

Internal Invites and Media Outreach

Let’s start at the beginning. You’ve invited your customers with personalized emails, eBlasts and LinkedIn posts. But you may have missed a few important people. Have you invited your employees, especially your salespeople and customer service experts? They need to know what your customers know. If the webinar is giving your consumers some insights, your sales team needs first-hand knowledge too.

Next up on your invite list – your media contacts. Unless you’re giving away some insider info, inviting the media gives you another opportunity to interact with key editorial contacts. If the topic is relevant, your webinar can serve as a story idea generator and instant interview.

This brings us to our next tip. Once your completed webinar is posted to your website, it’s time for a press release. Yes, we do mean AFTER the event. Chock-full of quotes, tips and inspiration, your on-demand webinar is ready and waiting to be a source for media. It really is an instant conversation loaded with attributable statements that is ready whenever the journalist needs it.

Repurpose with a Purpose

Thinking about new ways to use content that is already created can save time and extend the reach. Could your webinar Q&A session become a blog post? Do specific questions beg for a personalized email, offering an authentic reason to reach out to your customer?

Is the whole webinar viable as a podcast? Do certain sections of the discussion lend themselves to a newsletter article? Can the webinar serve as an example of your company CEO’s expertise and engaging presentation style? You get the idea – how else can this content benefit your storytelling?

Using the Old to Create New

Paying attention to the questions your audience asks is another way to maximize your webinar’s usefulness. What questions came up most often? Are there topics that generated a lot of feedback or interest? Those could be the focus of your next webinar.

Paying attention to all the details and insights before and after your webinar production is essential. At Axiom we help companies create engaging webinars that get noticed. Let us know if you’re ready for your closeup.

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