Extending the Reach of Your Trade Show Message to Increase ROI

Extending the Reach of Your Trade Show Message to Increase ROI

Maximizing your trade show investment doesn’t begin and end with creating a stunning booth. Focusing on the reason you’re attending the show and spreading the message you want attendees, and any potential customer, to take away from the event will expand awareness of your company and drive booth traffic.  

Tradeshow participation is a big investment for any company. Why not make the most of that investment by harnessing the power of media relations? Here are our five tips for extending your reach and increasing your ROI at trade shows.

Reach out to the marketing team for the show. 

Most trade shows have a marketing team that typically includes a Public Relations person. 

Don’t rely on a standard exhibitor form or quick email to educate the PR person on your new product or service. Take the time to have a conversation. Explain to them why your company, product or service is newsworthy. Then find out what PR opportunities are available. Ask if there is an updated journalist, blogger and influencer list.  Find out if there will be any media live news segments at the event.  Ask if you can participate in a media briefing. Offer your company experts for interviews.  Find out if there are ways your company can be helpful to the show’s marketing team. 

Share your story with the media BEFORE the event begins

Sending a press release before the show begins won’t spoil any big announcement or product launch. Save the juicy details if you must, but give the journalists, bloggers and influencers a heads up and capture their attention before they hit the show floor. Just like you, they’re trying to make the most of their time while covering the show floor. Communicating before the show puts you on their radar.

Give the media a reason the visit your booth

Media coverage of your booth and your “what’s new” message multiplies your audience. A picture, mention in their trade show coverage or new product listing brings your story to a wider audience. You’re not just capturing the attention of those who attend the show, you are expanding to readers, followers and viewers who are likely your target audience.

Go beyond the standard press release and extend a personal invitation for media members to visit during the show. Set up a time to meet so you can devote time to their needs as well as pitch your story and talk with your experts. Don’t forget about influencers! Bloggers, podcast hosts, industry insiders and association members can help spread your message too. 

Share what’s happening during the event

Use your social media channels as a live reporting tool. Posting images and going live from your booth can capture the attention of people attending the show and those who are following along on social at home. Make sure you know the trade show’s official hashtag and use it in every post. That way you’ll show up in searches, expanding your audience. Follow the hashtag to see what others are posting about and to see what types of information are capturing attention.

Follow Up

Depending on your industry, trade show coverage can go on for several months after the event. Making sure you follow up with the media and influencers you met. Developing a relationship can help create coverage for years to come.


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