How IoT is Changing Landscaping, Sports Fields and Grounds

How IoT is Changing Landscaping, Sports Fields and Grounds

In our final look at new and innovative IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, we will talk about how this technology is changing the landscaping, sports fields and grounds industry. Here are the previous discussions about IoT in the agriculture and horticulture industries.

Irrigation is one of the largest concerns for both the landscaping and grounds industry. With water at a premium, tech companies are delivering solutions to monitor soil moisture, maximize production and limit water waste. Rain Bird Europe has an irrigation system that places sensors underground around the grounds that are able to instantly track and wirelessly report soil moisture, salinity and temperature, while allowing users to remotely turn sprinklers on and off. More information can be found at Rain Bird.

In addition to remote sensors, the landscaping and grounds industry is experiencing an increase in software applications that are connected to in-the-field equipment.

Toro has an offering called My Turf, in which sensors are placed on equipment to capture and analyze real-time data about performance metrics of mowers. The technology lengthens equipment life and minimizes maintenance costs. When issues do arise, the program notifies operators and allows for scheduled service activities and parts ordering. More information can be found at Toro.

Toro also has a program called GeoLink, which integrates GPS satellite data, mapping software and individual spray nozzle controls that can treat greens and fairways with spraying solution within one centimeter. This can reduce waste and overall water usage, leading to long-term savings. More information can be found at Toro.

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