From the Vault – B2B Content: How Do You Approach It?

Is your B2B content making you look like a fool?

From the Vault – B2B Content: How Do You Approach It?

Since 2015 when this was first published, not only does this still hold up, telling a story, using video, and engaging your audience is even more important today.

Sure B2B cycles are longer than B2C and you have multiple decision-makers, however, you can jump to the front of the line by targeting specific users of your products with engaging content. Don’t just market to a business category, target your message to a specific person within a business.

In the past 6 years, it’s only gotten harder to cut through the noise. You must stand out. The best way to do this is to make sure you understand what’s important to your audience when you engage them and use their words in your content. 

From the Vault – May 8, 2015

B2B Content: How Do You Approach It?

B2B marketing is hard. No one disputes that (and if they do, they’re lying to get your business). At Axiom, though, we have always always been puzzled at the way B2B marketers treat the industry as wholly separate from B2C. Yes, they are undoubtedly different, but lost in the overarching narrative connecting the two is the truism that the decision-makers at B2B companies are still—yep, you guessed it—people. This means that they are still susceptible to many of the same basic strategies that the B2C industry employs—just in more nuanced and savvy ways.

It’s this exact notion that led us to approach a recent Forrester Research report with the utmost enthusiasm. In a comprehensive study of business-to-business content for 30 companies, the researchers found that 26 failed to “pass the test for basic criteria” involved in successful B2B engagement. While this number is startling high, it is perhaps not surprising.

So, what can businesses do to better engage with potential B2B customers? Here are our three tips for generating better B2B content:

Tell a Story

Too often in the B2B world, companies forget about the power of narrative in content (note: there’s even a neat conference dedicated to narrative storytelling in the digital world). Remember that your business—while ultimately attempting to sign another business—is still appealing to the individuals in charge of the decision-making process. And what’s the common theme that almost all people share across cultures and backgrounds? Story-telling. So when you craft your content, don’t forget the thread that weaves through every great piece of information—a narrative arc.

Use Video

As we’ve highlighted throughout our blog, video is the new…well…everything. While consumption culture grows smaller and shorter, the one constant is that individuals are continually more attracted to easily digestible bits of information. Video is the best way to keep your potential clients engaged, while still providing them with valuable knowledge. Video also allows your business to showcase innovative approaches to narratives in ways that attract customers you never knew you could attain.


We preach about it all the time in the B2C industry, but too often customer engagement gets lost when dealing with B2B. Remember that your potential clients are still people, and you have to treat them as such. Give them reasons (and avenues) to engage with your content and, in turn, your brand.

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