Culture is Your Secret Weapon, Part 2

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Culture is Your Secret Weapon, Part 2

Companies focusing on creating and managing their culture significantly outperform those that just let it happen. These companies invest time, money and effort into creating cultures that differentiate themselves from their competition while creating work environments that nurture success. As a leader, you need to take culture seriously because culture is your secret weapon to success.

Your Secret Weapon

Your company culture is a strategic and competitive advantage that’s driving the performance and productivity of your organization. It is the rules of the game around how employees interact with one another, how they treat customers, how they think about quality, and deliver value to customers, investors and their communities.

“Why should I care? I’m not a manager.”

Have you ever been in a company where you just didn’t feel like it was a good fit? Maybe you just never clicked with your boss. Maybe you didn’t get along with co-workers. Or, for some reason, it just didn’t feel right. These are all signs that you might not be a fit for the culture of the company. Being able to identify an organization that matches your values and work ethic is key to your professional success.

As a manager, do you have trouble keeping top talent?

The best performers are change agents. They do what it takes to win. They’re not constrained by dogma and outdated thinking. Does your company culture embrace change? If not, the new ideas proposed by top talent will fall flat. When their ideas aren’t adopted and changes aren’t made, top talent intuitively understands their success in your organization isn’t possible and they leave.

To have a top-tier, productive staff and healthy bottom line, make sure you are spending time thinking about and integrating culture into your plans and strategy.

If you’d like to know more about how your company measures up to industry peers, we can help. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in manufacturing, technology and agriculture to assess and improve their cultures to inspire happier, more productive employees and accelerate company growth.

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