2022 Gardening Survey

Axiom Garden Insights Survey:
Growing More in 2022

The love of gardening is set to continue and expand into 2022. Our newest survey shows gardeners are looking to spend more time and more money next season. 62% of homeowners tell us they’re looking to plant more in 2022 than they did in 2021. Best of all, that number jumps even higher with millennials.

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Garden Insights Survey Results

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    Gardening is now so much more than a hobby. Homeowners who may have been brought into gardening because of the pandemic are enjoying the benefits, and feeling successful with their efforts. They’re looking to grow more and learn more. Plus, they’re gardening for different reasons. It’s an exciting opportunity for the industry”
    -- Mike Reiber, CEO, Axiom Marketing

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    Mike Reiber