Three Keys to Simple and Effective Project Management

Three Keys to Simple and Effective Project Management

Too often we rely on software to manage teams when these three simple rules are how to keep projects on time and on target.  

  1. Who’s Responsible for what, when and how do we check with each other to ensure we’re on target and on time?
  2. Break projects down into short-, mid- and long-term tasks. Creating and constantly managing projects by task helps use time efficiently and keeps team members’ contributions meaningful and productive.
  3. Actively managing and leading means just that. It does not mean leaders do all the work. Check in with team members at the midway point of tasks to ensure all issues are addressed. This ensures on-time delivery and helps to reinforce the end goals and objectives. 

Begin with the End in Mind

These management practices help ensure success.

  • Explain and discuss the end goal clearly and often so the team keeps it in site. Talk about it regularly to make sure it’s understood and the dimensions are addressed as tasks progress.
  • Track progress on a simple Gantt chart with responsibilities noted. The “what”, “who” and timing is paramount while showing team members how pieces fit together. Keep it simple, accessible and up-to-date.
  • Break down projects into shorter term goals and objectives. It helps focus the team and ensures issues are brought up when there is still time to address them.
  • How we check with team members requires a good understanding of the personalities and experience with each team member. Know your team; they are not all alike. Managing by understanding their individual skills and contributions helps the whole team.
  • Truth is, many people don’t start until the halfway point to a goal. You may need time to assist team members to achieve tight goals and maintain urgency.

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