Up the Sales Game with Data-Driven Marketing

Up the Sales Game with Data-Driven Marketing

The most effective competitive advantage for a sales organization lies in crafting customer messaging around sound research data. Gut feeling does not deliver the precision and language to reach core customer needs. The best marketers in the world rely on research to guide a business. Two out of three marketers say data-based decisions are more effective than a gut feeling (Econsultancy).

Data-driven marketing and messaging uses current data and customer information to enhance communications. Marketers can clarify customer trends and needs using data, and leverage that knowledge in customer messaging to increase sales and gain new customers

At Axiom, we’ve practiced data-driven marketing for over 27 years, which has created an aggregate 22 percent increase in sales for our clients and more than half of billion dollars in added revenue!

Here’s a look at how we develop messages with data-driven marketing:

  1. Understand your target audience
    • Be specific when defining your target audience
    • All farmers or all homeowners, is not good enough
  2. Use the right data!
    • The data-driven approach only works with the accurate and relevant data
    • If reliable data isn’t available, conducting your own primary research may be necessary
  3. Identify data insights
    • Use the data to understand your customer’s behaviors, goals and challenges
    • identify their buying patterns, the journey to purchase decisions, social media activity, etc.
  4. Craft a data-driven message platform
    • Define your company’s product/service benefits
    • Describe your competitive advantage
  5. Select the correct marketing channels
    • Marketing channels have different audiences, target the ones where your customers are
    • Develop content and messages optimized for that channel
  6. Personalize your messages
    • Utilize your data to create messages reflecting your customers words
    • Personalized messages increase engagement, trust and brand perception

Of course, the process is much more complex than this, but working with a partner and implementing data-driven marketing can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your marketing. Then, watch your sales take off.

To learn more contact Craig, cdick@axiomcom.com.

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