Robotics Alley is a Techi’s Dream

Robotics Alley is a Techi’s Dream

The annual Robotics Alley™ Conference & Expo was held this week at The Depot in Minneapolis.

Attendees were treated to a broad range of advances in robotics from healthcare to Disney’s Imagineering, and from the latest advances in 3D printing and manufacturing to actual mind control of robotics.

Founded by ReconRobotics and the Minnesota High Tech Association, RoboticsAlley’s mission is to spur public-private partnerships in the business, research, and development of world-leading robotics and automation systems and the conference has become a world leading showcase from the latest advances to honoring robotics teams in our national’s schools that are supporting the STEM and STEAM programs so critical to our future technological leadership.

Another highlight of the EXPO was a legislative panel of Minnesota and Washington legislators engaging in an array of important topics from financing research to investing in the education of our youth to retraining the existing and displaced workforce as automation advances creates a more technical jobs landscape.

Agricultural robotics, manufacturing, entertainment, service, food preparation and autonomous transportation a broad spectrum of insight, excitement and discussion.

Robotics and autonomous devices are changing the way we do business, as well as think, learn and we have to prepare to educate the future inventors and work force of our evolving society and find new ways to finance these entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to ensure our continued competitiveness and leadership in the 21st century.

We need all the support for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and STEAM (adding in the Arts) we can get so please get involved in your local schools or First Robotics (, because we can use all the help we can get to help the kids get excited and prepared for 21st century jobs!

For more information go to or contact me, Rob Beachy Advisory Board Member of Robotics Alley and Mentor to Cavalier Robotics Team 619


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