Rewards of Mentoring: FIRST Robotics

Rewards of Mentoring: FIRST Robotics

The FIRST Robotics Regional competitions are going on across the country right now. Our team of high school-age roboteers, Cavalier Robotics, made it to the semifinals in Blacksbury, VA and we’re getting ready for North Carolina.

FIRST Robotics combines the excitement of sports with the rigors of science and technology. During the regionals last weekend, six of our former Roboteers, attending colleges and universities across the nation, traveled to support the team and visit with our new members.

FIRST Robotics, like scouting, 4H or other important youth opportunities is key to our future. These students are learning important skills like collaboration, commitment, problem solving and creativity – skills we can all help to foster through mentoring, managing and finding ways to give of our time and resources to promote the education of tomorrow’s engineers, technologists, mathematicians, farmers, scientists, teachers and leaders.

The reward is often a simple thank you, a team T-Shirt or Jersey, or when they send you an invitation to their college graduation then some years down the line engage you on LinkedIn when they start their first job.

Mentoring with FIRST Robotics is all about giving back and sharing knowledge and experience to enrich the lives of everyone’s kids as they prepare for college and life.

We need more scientists, technologists, engineers, artists and mathematicians in our ever changing technical world, and the mentors who will provide that one-on-one experience that will make a difference. Our future depends on these young people and their ability to adapt, problem solve and create new ways of thinking and doing things. FIRST Robotics is helping to pave the way for these bright students as they explore their talents and build their skills.

If you have any interest in FIRST for your child or as a volunteer, go to and get involved in a local team or feel free to contact

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