Axiom’s Latest Market Research Examples

Axiom’s Latest Market Research Examples

Axiom’s Latest Market Research Examples

ICYMI, last week we released a Carbon Market Survey. The survey asked Ag Retailers about their current participation in the carbon markets and their future involvement in monetizing carbon credits. This latest market research example is available for free.

Why Carbon Markets

Carbon sequestration is one of the best ways to address climate change. Farmers that practice sustainable farming methods can sequester a lot of carbon and be paid to do so. This year, 2021, the first carbon payments are being made to farmers. We wanted to know what the farmers’ suppliers of inputs (Ag Retailers) were doing to support these efforts and if the payment amounts are enough to justify carbon negative practices.

True Value 2021 Fall Reunion

This week, our CEO, Mike Reiber will be giving a keynote address at the True Value 2021 Fall Reunion. He’ll present recently conducted market research on how COVID-19 has increased interest in gardening and what you can expect going into 2022. That data will be made available in the coming weeks.

Mike will also host a break-out session on Millennials and home improvement. This is a deep dive into how they buy differently than Gen X and Boomers, and what DIY projects they are most likely to take on in the coming year. This primary market research will also be made available in a soon-to-be-released report.

Other Market Research

Lastly in the past 60 days, we’ve completed propriety projects for clients on the following topics:

  • Nutrient Use Efficacy (NUE’s) in agriculture

  • Protein Isolate alternatives for food

  • Chelation products used in fertilizer

  • Brand tracking study in horticulture

  • Livestock producers survey of feeding cattle

We can’t share this proprietary market research, but you can find all our publicly released market research reports on our website under the resources tab.

Do you need answers to questions about your business? Are you looking to grow sales with data-driven marketing? We can help, give us a call.

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