And Now, Our Annual Thanksgiving Wine Pairing!

And Now, Our Annual Thanksgiving Wine Pairing!

Top-rated Thanksgiving Zinfandel Wines and Mike Reiber’s Favorite Zins

Feeling pressured to choose spectacular wines for Turkey Day? Look no further. Below is a list of great tasting Zinfandels that your guests are sure to remember. Better yet, they won’t break your budget.

Ridge’s East Bench Zin is one of my favorites. It’s got a great nose. You can’t beat its rich ruby color. Best yet, it’s $32 per bottle.

Rombauer’s El Dorado is a tasty bottle indeed. Spanish for “gold”, it’s definitely gold medal in my book. I particularly like its raspberry and blackberry flavors. At $38 per bottle, you’ll feel like you’re drinking a $60 reserve Zin.

Berghold Vineyard’s Foot Stomp is a definite crowd-pleaser. I’ve served this wine at several wine tasting events and it’s always the first bottle to go. At $32 per bottle, the best thing about this wine is its long finish with a hint of cinnamon.

Mazzocco Sonoma is not well known outside of California; however, it should be. Every single Zin produced by this vineyard – located just down the road from the Sonoma County Airport – is worthy of a taste. They’re all supported with rich velvety tannins that everyone remarks on.

Try the Zinfandel Briar. It’s nicely balanced with lots of dark fruit tastes. At $29 per bottle your guests will be sure to ask where you got the wine.

True Zin fiends need to taste the Mazzocco Rockpile Reserve and the Maple Reserve. Rockpile is the newest appellation in Sonoma. Because the grapes are at high altitudes, they’re not irrigated. The result is a bold, busty, spicy Zin – one of my all-time favorites from Sonoma. At $52 per bottle, it verges on being pricy; however, few Sonoma winemakers make a better Zinfandel with Rockpile grapes.

The Maple family has been selling its coveted grapes to a few select winemakers in the Dry Creek Valley. Once you taste the Maple Reserve Zin, you’ll know just how special the grapes truly are. The biggest problem is that only Club Members can order this wine. If you’re a member or have a chance to try it, don’t hesitate.

For some additional information on wine for the holidays, check out these resources:

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