Accelerating the Web Experience Through Strategic Planning

Accelerating the Web Experience Through Strategic Planning

A new website can be daunting. Where do you start? What do you want? How do you ensure the new site does what you set out to accomplish? How much should it cost and how much will it cost to get the job done?

When Axiom first began working with Crystal Cabinets to develop a new web experience, we started with focus groups, an understanding of the current issues, and clarity around the desired outcomes.

Through the process of gathering insights from customers and the team at Crystal, we were able to create a new website that prioritized the Crystal brand’s strengths and emphasized an intuitive structure to support the company’s dealers and encourage lead generation.

The new design emphasizes the brand with strong imagery, which was obtained over the years at Crystal through their extensive designer-customer base, and a simpler page design with little clutter and minimal copy. A product configurator was developed to allow dealers, designers and potential customers an ability to see cabinet door styles in white to start, enabling clarity with a blank slate, and adding wood species and finishes later.

Dealer information is clearly represented with icons being added to represent various attributes offered by each dealer, including showroom availability, service, etc.

The results show the positive impact of spending the time up-front to strategize and build the search engine data for each page and asset, and develop a site structure that maximizes the customer experience.

  • Website traffic increased 34 percent in the six weeks after launch, compared to the previous design
  • Page views were up 16 percent overall
  • The new Dealer Locator and About Us pages are now in the top seven pages viewed on the website; a strong indication of lead generation and brand understanding
  • Maintenance time decreased as updates took less time, while the site performed more efficiently

Crystal Cabinet’s website continues to out-perform its predecessor. If your organization is contemplating a new web design, we’re here to discuss it and help.

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