Marketing Team

Accelerating solutions through experience.
From leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies and top marketing agencies, we bring the skills and expertise to cut through the clutter – be it marketing, engineering, product development or data science. We get it. And, we know how to help because we’ve been there; we’ve made the same types of decisions and been responsible for delivering what’s needed when it’s needed.

Mike ReiberGlobetrotter

Mike is Axiom’s fearless leader and global adventurer since the company began in 1993.


Market research, market strategy, publicity-based marketing and concept development, agricultural marketing, building products, landscape and turf management products.


Wilsonart International, Whirlpool/KitchenAid, Gladiator Garageworks, Sam Goody/Best Buy, The Toro Company, Cub Foods, Best Buy.


Kathleen HennessyGreen Thumb
Chief Marketing Officer

As an avid gardner, Kathleen has a knack for growing customer relationships through carefully cultivated events and online campaigns.


Concept development, media relations, event management, video production, customer engagement and social media, news-style storytelling.


The Toro Company, Bailey Nurseries, Whirlpool/KitchenAid, The Village Company, Polaris, Slumberland, Cannon River Winery, Radisson. Former television news producer and copywriter.


Rob Beachy – Mad Scientist
Chief Technology Officer

It’s hard to summarize the 28 patents Rob has to his name. This mad scientist truly has done it all from innovation to production to go-to-market strategizing.


Market research, product development, concept generation and refinement, market sizing, channel analysis, innovation training.


Whirlpool, Medtronic, Schlumberger, Michelin, The Toro Company, Ford, Sargento, GTI, Skil, Irwin, Hearth & Home Technologies, Roche, Marshalls, Gould National Battery, Monsanto, General Electric in a variety of businesses from heavy military to major appliances, turbines, lighting and battery storage technologies.

Stacy with Phonebooth 1.4

Stacy Einck – Media Maven & Word Wizard
Director Digital Communication and Strategy

Stacy has deep knowledge of brand advocacy. Every brand has a story to tell. Stacy takes that story and finds ways to illustrate it across media types and platforms to turn words into dialogue, images into icons and choices into choosing.


Stacy’s expertise includes public relations, social media content and influencer relationships, and cultivating thought leadership. Her skills include strategic prog ram planning, product launches, large and small events, product placement, website development, publishing and corporate histories. Industry experience includes building products manufacturing, architecture and the built environment, sustainability, health advocacy and health care, and education.


Andersen Corporation, Ecolab, Polaris, Pillsbury, Target Stores, Koch Refining, Ashland Petroleum, Browning-Ferris Industries


Tom Chervenak – Tool Man
Chief Innovation Officer


New product research and development; discovery, justification, program organization and administration, design center management and staffing, all seasoned with many years of engineering management of high volume consumer durables and packaging materials manufacturing.


Ben Marion – The Great Thinker
Creative Director


Story weaving, wordsmithing, positioning, team play


AMVAC, Buffalo Bills, Chevrolet, Deere & Company, Dow, Elanco, Scripps Hospital and Clinics, Seaboard Farms, San Diego Chargers

Craig Dick – Cornhusker Craig
Business Development

Craig’s skills started in agriculture and grew to include turf products, building materials and beyond. He’s been called one of the best agricultural resources to know. He’s had a hand in helping a number of companies start and grow – building brand recognition and sales along the way. His experience can help you grow your business faster.


Agriculture, sales, marketing, product development, sales management, strategic planning, market & business development, agronomy, landscape & turf products, and residential building.


Machinery Link, Calcium Products, Pure Elements, Midwestern BioAg, Cropstream.


Denny Gebhard – Number King
Chief Data Scientist


Econometrics modeling, business analytics, statistics, time series modeling, forecasting, data mining, aeroallergy forecasting and mathematics.


Unisys. Founder; DataSport, Inc. Founder; Multidata, Inc. Founder; FaxBank Systems. Managing Principle; Decision Intelligence. Analyst; Clario Analytics. Founder; Teralytix, LLC. Natural Technologies LLC. (I’ve been accused of being a serial entrepreneur.)

Eric Gedrose - Video Producer

Eric GedroseJournalism Hero
Digital Communications Manager

Eric comes to us an experienced television news producer with an eye toward business and marketing.


As a storyteller, video producer and editor, Eric brings a narrative-based approach to marketing content. From a technical standpoint, he understands all parts of the post-production process; editing, graphics compositing, music and audio editing/mixing to final file encoding for distribution.


Eric worked in television news for 16 years in various markets (Fargo, ND; Fort Myers, FL; Jacksonville, FL; and Minneapolis, MN). In that time, he met Buzz Aldrin, three presidents, too many great NFL players to count, and even watched a live shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral.

Matt Main – Our Unofficial Meteorologist
Marketing Communications Associate

Matt has a passion for researching communications strategies, providing assistance in telling a customer’s message through the media and connecting with people through social media.


Supporting the needs of each customer through public relations, brand marketing, event marketing, social media content and analytics, and even video production.


Andersen Windows, Red Gold Tomatoes, California Redwood Association, Sealed Mindset, Key Log Rolling, Man Cave Meats, Chopin Vodka, Genesis10, Patterson Dental, Thrivent Mutual Funds, 3M, Polaris, Ecolab, Monrovia


Harvey Robbins – Resident Shrink
Industrial Psychologist


New product development, teamwork and interpersonal influence.


CIA, Burlington Northern, Honeywell, Robbins & Robbins, Inc.


Kimberly Johnson – Scandia Girl
Project Director


Human factors/ergonomics, project planning and scheduling, project management, sponsor/stakeholder management, cross functional team dynamics, group facilitation, ideation tools and techniques, new product development commercialization, organizational innovation (climate and culture)


3M, Smiths Medical, Taylor Corporation, Acist Medical, Dean Healthcare, Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT)

Linel Reiber – Betty Crocker
Special Projects Coordinator

Linel’s discerning palette and years in the test kitchens at General Mills mean every slice of coffee cake is perfection.


Editing, tolerance testing and recipe development


General Mills, Quaker Oats, Gerber Products, Way Cool Cooking School

Bill Shadid – Architect Bill

Current strategic marketer – former green architect. Bill is a self-described and well-earned Markitect, who has a unique understanding of the building products business – the needs & pain points of architects, interior designers, engineers, building owners, building users, contractors, homeowners, & consumers. Classically trained in marketing at leading consumer packaged goods companies, and with substantial experience across many types of green and conventional building products, he drives business growth and innovation through a relentless focus on your customers and their needs.

Research, innovation, product development, commercializing new products, marketing, product marketing, product management, business development.

3M Architectural Markets, Convia (a Herman Miller company), International Environmental Corporation, Arborlight, EnergyPrint, Pillsbury, Carmichael Lynch, Lenox Group/Department 56, and 9+ years as a green architect

What is your hidden talent?
I’m a pretty darned good softball pitcher, and I make a mean Cosmo martini (or so I’m told).

What was your dream job as a child?
I had two – advertising and being an architect. Really – no lie! In terms of the future, when life gets tough I think about being a bartender in a beachside bar on a Caribbean island.

If you were stranded on an island what 3 things would you take with?
Baked kibbe (a Lebanese food), sweet tea (iced of course), and my iPad loaded with my favorite movies.

If you could have one super power, what would it be?
To fly – that way I could fly to a sunny beach whenever I want.

What’s your theme song?

Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” – lots of great energy and fun, but with a serious side and deep lyrics mixed in.


The Axiom Phonebooth
The Phone Booth

There’s a lot of buzz out there. Blogs, ads, tweets, videos, texts – it’s getting harder and harder to shut the door. That’s why we invite you into our doors. One in particular: our bright red phone booth. (Have you seen the real one in our lobby?) Step inside and take a listen. What do you notice? It’s quiet. Refreshingly so. There’s one objective: To connect with someone on the other end.

And hasn’t that always been the objective? Hasn’t that been what all of this noise was created to do in the first place? At Axiom we like to use the phone booth as a metaphor for the way we work. We quiet the unnecessary, the distracting and the ineffectual to go straight to what works: Making connections that count.

Here are a few more reminders of what the phone booth means to us:


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