5 Tips To Increase the Value of Your Business

5 Steps to Prep for Business to Sell

5 Tips To Increase the Value of Your Business

At Axiom, we’ve helped many businesses along their path toward selling their companies. Sure, you have to show a strong balance sheet, but you also need to demonstrate strategic investment in growth.

Buyers will pay more if there’s strong evidence of substantial future value. That’s just good business sense. They want assurance that their investment will see an immediate return, if not shortly. And, your company is a good fit. In other words, your products and services augment, not cannibalize, their organization.

Here are 5 tips we’ve taken from our clients that have recently been acquired by other organizations.

  1. Get hyper-focused on the right market
  • Focus on the market with the largest potential
  • Seek out target customers in markets with the greatest need and highest potential for growth
  • Build the best team to serve those customers
  1. Organize your customers
  • Have a strong customer and distribution list
  • Show well-distributed sales among many clients
  • Add value to your company by communicating regularly
  • Be present among customers and think broadly about product and service applications beyond what’s traditional
  1. Establish and defend your brand
  • Clearly define what differentiates your company with products and services that provide clear advantages and benefits over competitors
  • Copyright your brand and diligently defend it
  • Substantiate product performance and, if possible, patent technologies, materials and design to protect intellectual property
  1. Be the thought leader
  • Promote the value proposition of your category
  • Be the industry expert that conveys strategic thinking and innovative next-gen ideas
  • Create a consistent, insightful presence in the media outlets your customers frequent
  • Leverage the testimonies of your clients and customers to tell your story
  1. Emulate the attributes of your target buyer
  • Develop seamless processes and routines
  • Show clear KPI’s and documented past performance
  • Have agreements in place with large suppliers, distributors, and customers

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